Great Customer Experience: An Extra SMile

It is a fact that the BPO industry in the Philippines is very progressive. There are a lot of BPO companies campaigning their ads for recruiting employees. According to Wikipedia, The call center sector comprises 80% of the total BPO industry in the country. With 80% of the call services provided for the US market.  

One of the top qualifications in working in a contact center company is to be fluent in speaking the English Language. But due to schedule being placed in the wee hours in the Philippines, there are some slips that can’t be prevented.

Here are some samples:

Agent:(sounds confused) Ma’am, the question is, what is your question?


Agent:(with conviction) Hi, I’m ______, and I’ll be your payment history today!


Agent: Can I have your first and last day please?

Customer: Wednesday (?)


Agent: For insecurity purposes, can I have your ___ ?


Agent: (while slouching) Let me check my notes here.


Agent: (agent working for a bank) How can I help you with your Facebook account?


Agent: Leche Leche know….. ( shortcut for Just to let you know…)


Customer: Hey, are you still there?

Agent: Yes, I’m still there.


Agent: Can I place you on hold for 1 to 2 days?


Agent: (already dosed off) …Mama Mary loves you..zzzzZZZZZ


Agent: Do you have a pen and pencil handy?


Agent: (opening a call) Thank you for calling, have great day!


Agent: Is there an update on your phone numbers? Is that your Hongkong number? ( instead of the homephone number )


Agent: May I please have your date of birthday?



Hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂



Disclosure: My intention in writing this blog is not to make fun of my colleagues, but to have fun at work.

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