Dreams Get Real (McJim Classic Leather)

For 40 years McJim has been recognized as a brand that creates quality leather good and is one of the leading brands of leather goods in the Philippines. McJim has a long tradition in making leather goods.

Last June 30, 2014, I got a chance to attend to an event that McJim has organized. It is called Dreams Get Real Grand Finals Night at Teatrino in Greenhills, San Juan. It is a talent search for the next OPM star. McJim has been very supportive to OPM. They held auditions to hundreds of artists then deduced to 6 grand finalists.

The event has showcased 6 talented acts composed of 3 bands, 1 boy group and 2 solo singers.

Name: Archetype
Song: ‘Di Na Biro
Composer: Tricia May Casauay



Name: CK Arca
Song: Certified Good Vibes
Composer: Raffy Calicdan

CK Arca

Name: Dream of Pearl
Song: Panalo
Composer: Oli Agustin
Name: Fifth Dynamics
Song: Anyare
Name: JBK
Song: Anong Meron Ka
Composer: Urie Tesoro
Name: Neo Domingo
Song: Pagbigyan Mo Na
Composer: Urie Tesoro

After the performances of the participants,there were Special Awards given that night. Neo Domingo got the DJ’s Choice Award for his song Pagbigyan Mo Na. The event organizers made a survey to the DJ’s about which song will have a great impact on the radio airplays. The other award given was Critic’s Most Promising Song of the year. Mr. Jim Paredes had chosen Anong Meron Ka by JBK.


DJ's Choice Award


Critic's Choice Award

After the long journey of the finalists, the contest has concluded a triple tie on the Grand Prize. The winners are JBK, Neo Domingo and Fifth Dynamics. The winners received P 50,000.00 a recording and management contract, and a grant to record a single and release a music video.


JBK, Neo and Fifth Dynamics

Congratulations to all the winners! You all deserve to win.

Pinas Pride Top 10 Countdown (June 28, 3014)

DWDM Pinas FM 95.5
Pinas Pride Top 10 Countdown
June 28, 2014

10. Kunwa-kunwari Lang by Kyla
9. Wala Man Sa ‘yo Ang Lahat by Myrus
8. Dahan-dahan by Maja Salvador
7. Sa ‘yo by Silent Sanctuary
6. Kakaibabe by Donna Bartolome
5. Pelikula by BOB
4. Because I Love You by Gerald Santos
3. Dagat Ka Lupa Ako by Garth Garcia featuring Aikee
2. Ikaw ang Iibigin Ko by Seven Tones
1. No Erase by Nadine Lustre and James Reid

Continue to vote for your favorite songs and artists. Support OPM! Thanks.

‘Til next week’s countdown.

Great Customer Experience: An Extra SMile

It is a fact that the BPO industry in the Philippines is very progressive. There are a lot of BPO companies campaigning their ads for recruiting employees. According to Wikipedia, The call center sector comprises 80% of the total BPO industry in the country. With 80% of the call services provided for the US market.  

One of the top qualifications in working in a contact center company is to be fluent in speaking the English Language. But due to schedule being placed in the wee hours in the Philippines, there are some slips that can’t be prevented.

Here are some samples:

Agent:(sounds confused) Ma’am, the question is, what is your question?


Agent:(with conviction) Hi, I’m ______, and I’ll be your payment history today!


Agent: Can I have your first and last day please?

Customer: Wednesday (?)


Agent: For insecurity purposes, can I have your ___ ?


Agent: (while slouching) Let me check my notes here.


Agent: (agent working for a bank) How can I help you with your Facebook account?


Agent: Leche Leche know….. ( shortcut for Just to let you know…)


Customer: Hey, are you still there?

Agent: Yes, I’m still there.


Agent: Can I place you on hold for 1 to 2 days?


Agent: (already dosed off) …Mama Mary loves you..zzzzZZZZZ


Agent: Do you have a pen and pencil handy?


Agent: (opening a call) Thank you for calling, have great day!


Agent: Is there an update on your phone numbers? Is that your Hongkong number? ( instead of the homephone number )


Agent: May I please have your date of birthday?



Hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂



Disclosure: My intention in writing this blog is not to make fun of my colleagues, but to have fun at work.

Pinas Pride Top 10 Countdown (June 21, 2014)

Pinas Pride Top 10 Countdown

Saturday, June 21, 2014
5:00 – 6:00 PM

10. More Than Words Can Say by Six Part Invention
9. Sa ‘Yo by Silent Sanctuary
8. Wala Man Sa ‘Yo ang Lahat by Myrus
7. Kakaibabe by Donnalyn Bartolome
6. Pelikula by BOB
5. Because I Love You by Gerald Santos
4. Dagat Ka Lupa Ako by Garth Garcia featuring Aikee
3. Ikaw ang Iibigin Ko by Seven Tones
2. Dahan-Dahan by Maja Salvador
1. No Erase by Nadine Lustre and James Reid

Watch out for next week’s countdown!

You are Astonishing

Thanks for the inspiring thoughts.

Vincent Egoro

You are astonishing!

How dare you waste your life? You have the power to change and recreate your world; to have deliver; to be great at what you do.

How dare you squander your priceless resource – time, by spending it on valueless and unproductive activities? You spend most of your day on TV or on the social media without adding anything to your life.

How dare you settle for mediocrity just because you are busy coping with too many things on your agenda? If you’ve got as much as you have got, use it to become great, use it to change and touch lives. Don’t go about being busy with nothing to show in your life.

You are astonishing.

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