Dagat Ka Lupa Ako

The voice from the hit songs “You’re the One” and “Ikaw ang Mahal”, Garth Garcia launched a new song that will make you hum the melody over and over again. The song is entitled “Dagat Ka Lupa Ako”. It has an upbeat rhythm that is somewhat RnB, with rap verses. The rap verses was done by Aikee, from the hit “Dota O Ako”.

Garth and I collaborated to write the song. We got inspired when we heard that our favorite fictional character, Dyesebel, will be lauched as a teleserye remake at ABS-CBN. Dyesebel is one of the characters that was created by the late Mars Ravelo, a graphic novelist.
“A young mermaid, Dyesebel, takes on a journey to trace her origins until she finds out that she is the daughter of a merman and a human. Disowned by the sea for being the child of Tino who was the prince of the sea and the human Lucia, she starts with her adventure and explores the human world where she will meet Fredo. But this journey will be marked by a realization that she is not accepted by both worlds. And as a war between man and the underworld appears imminent, Dyesebel will choose to leave those that she loves.” — Official IWanTV! Synopsis

Here is the link for the official lyric video of Dagat Ka Lupa Ako by Garth Garcia featuring Aikee.

–>>> http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A146t0S20K8&persist_app=1&app=m


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