A Reminder

A bracelet is an article of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. I really fancy wearing bracelets ever since I was still a kid. I have worn all sorts and varieties like gold, silver, beads and strings, pearls, etc. Being fond of this, I decided to buy myself a simple gift for my birthday.


The bracelet that I bought has different charms, that I think speaks of who I am.

Star. The star represents the goals that I have set upon. This should remind me to be on track.

Ace. I always aim to be excellent on what I do. This will set the mood for me to attain my “star”.

Eiffel Tower. The form of leisure that I really fancy is to travel. My dream escapade to visit Paris.

Ring. Ring symbolizes commitment to my loved ones. Commitment is a big thing for me. So, whenever I say that I’m committed, I really pour my heart out.

Wearing my favorite kind of jewelry would remind of the things that motivates and moves me.

A Birthday Gift


Most of the special occasions, my husband will really make an effort to find those lovely gifts. On my upcoming birthday, he gave an advance gift which is a set of earrings and necklace. While I was scheming through my boxes of accessories, I noticed that most of my necklaces and earrings came from him.

I wonder why my husband is so fond of giving me jewelries. Recently, I read an article about interpreting why men give jewelry as gift.

Here’s the link of the article that answered my question.


***Thanks Hon for your gift. I really appreciate it so much!