Me and my Blanky

blanky2 blanky1

I always remember Baby Bop from Barney for bringing her yellow blanky all the time. She is really attached to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be people who are also fans of blankets. Who wouldn’t be? Blankets are made from fabrics that keeps us warm whenever it’s cold, and will keep us comfortable even during warm seasons. I myself is really fond of blankets. I just bought recently a blanket that is so soft that I’d like to touch it to my face all the time. It feels really comfortable that I’d like to be tucked to our bed all the time. It is also my comfort zone. Whenever I am feeling sad or I feel like crying, I’ll just hide and cover myself with my blanket. In a few minutes, I feel a lot better.

I thought it’s really crazy to write about my blanky. I have read an article,though, about blanky attachments of adults from It says “Adults may also use comfort objects. Many adults consider the comfort that security blankets provide as essential to their mental and emotional well-being. Adults will take comfort objects away on business trips to remind them of home. The appropriateness of a 27-year-old adult sleeping with a comfort blanket was discussed on the British television chat show, The Wright Stuff, on 29 November 2010. It was revealed that people who sleep with comfort blankets are in fact more independent than those who do not. “.

So, it’s not crazy at all, right? Besides, I’m writing about anything about everything under the sun. Have a nice sleep.


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