Ikaw ang Mahal Creates Bigger Waves

top10 modified

Ikaw ang Mahal by Garth Garcia featuring Lil’ Twista has been in the airwaves since September. The music video, though, was released last October 10, 2013. Through the effort of the supporters of the two artists, the song made it to the countdown. Last Saturday, the song is at number 10 in MOR Biga-10. The following day, it was at number 7 in Barangay LS Big10. Indeed, Ikaw ang Mahal is creating LSS to most listeners because of it’s simple but meaningful lyrics and melody. Anyone who has loved and is in love can really relate to this song. Hopefully, we’ll hear Ikaw ang Mahal more often in our favorite radio stations.

To continue voting:

MOR MANILA ikaw ang mahal by garth garcia ft lil twista send 2366

MAMABELLE (space) ON send 4627
MAMABELLE Ikaw Ang Mahal by garth garcia ft lil twista send 4627

Visit the link for the official music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnqLVIwmQnI


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